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Comprehensive Review

With over 97 topics and 3 practice exams that can be taken timed or untimed, our course ensures that you are studying all the necessary information to prepare for the CT Registry Exam.

Progress Monitoring

Keep track of your test progress compared to the average progress, as well as your course progress to ensure you are reaching the achievement goals you've set for yourself!


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Why Choose Us?


My CT Registry Review was developed by the husband and wife team of Eric, who is a Technologist, Hospital Administrator, and Educator and Rachel, who is an Educator. Combined they have nearly two decades of experience in their respected fields. My CT Registry Review was created using Eric's industry experience and Rachel's deep understanding of education. This combination allows My CT Registry Review's content to not only consist of all of the information you need to be successful, but it is presented to you in way that is grounded in educational theory.


My CT Registry Review can be accessed from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You will no longer need to carry a practice book with you everywhere you go. Study from the location of your choice!


Our course content was designed with ease of use in mind. Each lesson within the course is broken down into topics, which will allow you to flip back and forth as freely as you would in a book. This allows you to easily jump to the areas where you need extra practice.

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