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Upon completion of the My CT Registry Review Patient Care/Patient Safety CE Course, you can expect to have completed the required objectives and established an understanding of the following:

  • Patient Assessment and Prep
  • HX, scheduling, and screening 
  • Patient education, consent 
  • Immobilization 
  • Monitoring of vital signs 
  • Management of accessory medical devices 
  • Lab values 
  • Medication and dosages 
  • Contrast administration 
  • Administrative route and dose calculations 
  • Injection Techniques 
  • Post procedural care 
  • Adverse Reactions
  • Radiation Dose in CT
  • Dose Optimization
  • Automatic Tube Current Modulation (ATCM)
  • ECG Gating
  • Dose Notifications and Alerts
  • Pediatric Dose Optimization